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Crestridge Asset Management Inc.


PROFILE We are an independent, privately-held investment counseling firm providing discretionary investment management services to our clients since 2004. We specialize in building and managing balanced investment portfolios, through strategic and tactical allocations of portfolio exposure amongst core asset classes of cash, bonds and equities. We apply a unique and proprietary quantitative methodology to actively manage risk amongst global asset classes. The end result is that our clients benefit from a highly effective, transparent and low cost investment process for portfolios invested in marketable financial assets.


PHILOSOPHY Our philosophy is rooted in the conviction that investment "risk" can be controlled whereas "return" cannot, the latter being a consequence of managing the former. In essence, our focus is on the optimal management of probabilities. To this end, a client's investment policy lays the foundation for a successful investment plan. A client's mandate, along with effective portfolio diversification, will ensure discipline and risk management. This serves to enhance achievement of the client's objective of reliable and repeatable superior long-term performance. "We now know to focus not on rate of return but on the informed management of risk." – Charles Ellis, from Winning The Loser's Game.


PROCESS Risk-control is our primary focus. All client portfolios are patterned on a Risk-Control Model portfolio that constrains the asset mix exposures to both a minimum and a maximum percentage of portfolio market value. Our investment decision-making process is both quantitative and qualitative. The objective is to add value, or alpha, beyond that generated by a passive, or fixed-weight benchmark regardless of whether the trend in markets is favourable or adverse. Our process is updated and reviewed monthly in order to find the optimal mix of portfolio assets that will generate the highest probability of out-performing the benchmark over long time periods. In its simplest form, our investment process answers three common questions; "What" to buy/sell - client's policy or investment objectives "How Much" to buy/sell - risk management or strategic asset allocation "When" to buy/sell – investment process or tactical asset allocation


PERFORMANCE We aim for client-focused, risk-adjusted performance results. Specifically, we strive to exceed the client's benchmark portfolio return net of all costs, over the long term. We look to deliver performance commensurate with a clients tolerance for risk towards goals that include preservation, income generation and capital growth. We firmly believe that performance must be measured against an objective benchmark that accurately represents the investments included within the actual portfolio that is being managed. Our clients appreciate the integrity of our performance reporting.


Dan Wingrowich

Dan Wingrowich December 17, 1943 - July 12, 2009 Co-Founder As inaugural President and CIO of Crestridge, Dan was the visionary behind the development of the Proprietary Quantitative Methodology utilized by Crestridge to manage risk. Dan enjoyed a lifelong career in the investment community beginning his journey in Montreal in the early 1960's

Jeff Black

Jeff Black CIM, FCSI President and CIO Jeff draws upon 26 years of investment industry experience and is the controlling shareholder of Crestridge. Previous mandates prior to becoming a principle of Crestridge included leadership roles in department and portfolio management. Jeff's community minded activities currently include being a member of the Board, Audit Committee and Professional Advisors Committee of the Oakville Community Foundation.

Trent Smith

CFA, CMT, CIM, FCSI Portfolio Manager, Research Director With 16 years of investment industry experience Trent has responsibilities for fundamental and technical research and analysis. In addition Trent assumes an integral role in both client relationship and portfolio management. Less than 150 Investment Professionals Worldwide hold charters in both fundamental and technical analysis.

Monica Gallant

Monica Gallant CIM Vice President, Director and Portfolio Manager With 15 years of investment industry experience, Monica serves with distinction a variety of roles at Crestridge. As a principle and Chief Operating Officer, Monica's responsibilities encompass quantitative research, relationships and portfolio management.


Crestridge engages TD Waterhouse Institutional Services as a 3rd Party Custodian for all individual client assets. Client assets are solely in segregated accounts for client comfort and control. No pooling of portfolio assets occurs and as such client customization and tax efficiency is assured. TD Waterhouse Institutional Services was established in 1987 and provides trading, clearing and account administration for Investment Counsellors across Canada. TD Waterhouse Institutional Services is a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc., a subsidiary of The Toronto Dominion Bank. TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. is a Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC).


Crestridge is proud to be a member of the Portfolio Management Association of Canada (PMAC). The association currently consists of 140 firms providing investment management services on over $700 Billion of client assets. Member firms vary widely as it relates to the types of clients they serve and the capital market styles and strategies they employ. One common theme and philosophy shared by all member firms is their Fiduciary responsibility and duty of care to put client's interests first. More information can be obtained at


With origins to the Latin word probitas, probity is a noun meaning Integrity, Honesty and Uprightness. Synonyms would include sincerity, fidelity and goodness. On behalf of all clients, it is our goal as Fiduciaries to act at all times with probity. At Crestridge we respect the following Five (5) core fiduciary principles • Put the client's interest first • Act with prudence and the skill, care, diligence and good judgment of professionals • Inform Clients with full, true and fair disclosure • Avoid conflicts of interest • Fully disclose and fairly manage in the client's favour, unavoidable conflicts Crestridge Asset Management Inc. is wholly owned by Min2Max Inc. a company controlled by Probity Holdings Corp.


Crestridge portfolio managers have access to and are guided by a unique internal tool and proprietary investment technology. This mathematical approach employs techniques of optimization but the underlying principles are applied in an unconventional way using our unique proprietary approach. To assist in this quantitative process, the firm has created and developed its own customized Mean Variance Optimizer. The results of this ongoing macro research process are utilized to assist in and guide portfolio management decisions related to asset class mix, and geographic and sector allocations. Embedded in the methodology is a focus on risk control through the setting of both minimum and maximum exposure constraints. One objective of this work is to identify and capitalize on the directional price trends of capital market asset classes through a reliable and repeatable process.


Crestridge relies on the expertise and counsel of the following Professional firms. Legal and Regulatory Services - BLG Canada, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Audit and Accounting Services - S&C Partners LLP Wealth Management Systems - ndex Systems Web and Design Services - Chris Parsons Design


WaterPark Place 20 Bay St., Ste. 1205 Toronto, ON M5J 2N8 Telephone: (416) 777-6767 Toll-Free: 1-866-375-7363 Fax: (416) 777-6770 e-mail: N. B. We provide services in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia only; for individuals, institutions and other entities with minimum investable assets of $500,000.